Vila tower

La torre de la vila is a fortified house located in the town of La Coma i La Pedra. It is catalogued as a Cultural Place with National Interest and included in the Catalan Architectural Patrimony Inventory.

It had been a medieval construction with civil uses, a gothic fortified house. It consists of a ground floor and three floors with a rectangular blueprint.


How to get there?

From the village of Sant Llorenç we should take the road LV-4012 direction La Coma. Remain on this road until you reach, in the km 4,6, a path in the eastern side. But the vehicles can’t go for this path, and we should park and go at foot. Within 1,7 km we arrive at La Torre, and approximately within 1 km more we can visit also Sant Andreu del Pujol del Racó.



Associació Turisme Vall de Lord
Oficina de turisme de la Vall de Lord
25282 St. Llorenç de Morunys