El Puit

El Puit is a zone of the municipality of Sant Llorenç de Morunys where at present is located the cemetery of the village. Just as its name indicates (because puit is a variation of puig, that means hill), is a place located in a little elevation of the terrain; from this little plain you can see where were located some vigilance towers of the zone during the Middle Ages in the surroundings of Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

These towers used to be fortified country houses that not only had an own defensive function but also has public guard function. In the surroundings of Sant Llorenç de Morunys were registered 7 towers, but nowadays most of them have been absorbed by the remodellings of the buildings. The towers were these:

– La Torreta
– Vilasaló
– Cal Simón
– La Vilella
– Torre dels Colomers (nowadays Cal Sant)
– La torre de Spanya o Espanyà (nowadays la Torre del Baró)
– Torre del Puit (located in this point)

From the vigilance tower located in this point there aren’t visible remains but there is documentation: is from the 1297 when the abbot of the monastery of Tavèrnles, the prior of Sant Llorenç and the viscount of Cardona signed the constitutional certificate of free village of Sant Llorenç.



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