Busa’s prison

The Natural Prison of Busa, also known as el Capolatell, is a high plateau surrounded of cliffs and located in the town of Navès, concretely in Serra de Busa.

This natural prison is formed due to a deep crack that divides the plain in two parts, being a natural island surrounded by cliffs. To arrive in this point, there is a unique way: a metal bridge descends from one part of the plain to the natural prison; in the past there was no bridges to cross and for this reason, it used to be a prison.

During the Peninsular War (1808-14) it was used as a prison for the Napoleon soldiers; they were left in the other side of the plain by a wooden bridge; once they had crossed it, it was retired. The prisoners died because of hungry or desperation; they throw themselves into the cliffs trying to escape or sacrificing themselves in the name of his homeland.


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From les Cases de Posada to Busa passing through el Grau de l’Areny route


How to get there?

From Sant Llorenç de Morunys we take the road C-462 direction Solsona by La Llosa del Cavall‘s reservoir; we follow this road until a roundabout, in which we follow the same road (3rd exit), which will take us to C-26 road. We follow this road until an intersection at 6,1 km signposted to Besora and Busa. We follow the sign posts for 15 km until taking an intersection on the right after arriving the house “El Rial de Busa“. From there we will follow the indications to “Presó de Busa” until we can’t advance more. Then we park the car and we continue the path at foot, which will take us to the metal bridge that let us to entry in el Capolatell.



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