Sant Lleïr de Casabella hermitage

Sant Lleïr de Casabella is a hermitage from La Pedra village, in the town of La Coma i La Pedra. This is a protected monument from the Catalan Architectural Patrimony Inventory and it is located on the northern slope of the turó de Sant Lleïr.

The hermitage has only one nave with a squared apse and two lateral chapels. The most prominent thing is the sculpture decoration at the entry’s door, which is on the northern facade under one porch; close to this, there is a cemetery.

It’s dated from the 11th century and since the 12th, it was part of the community of Sant Llorenç de Morunys because of a donation from the count of Urgell Ermengol III, and it had parish functions. The porch and the vault are from the 13th century, and the lateral chapels from the 18th.


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How to get there?

From Sant Llorenç we take the road LV-4241 direction Berga; we continue by this road until an intersection to the left to an asphalted and well signposted secondary road in the km 28,4. We follow this secondary road and in 1,8 km we will arrive at the hermitage.



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