Sant Lleïr de Casabella hermitage

Sant Lleïr de Casabella is a church located at the foot of the northern slope of the hill of Sant Lleïr, in the municipality of La Coma i La Pedra. The hermitage is made up of only one nave, with a square apse and two side chapels. We must emphasise the sculptural decorations in the entrance door, located in the northern facade, under a portico. The figures that we can see there, with its descriptions, are the followings:

– The three characters of the group on the right that are standing: the most important figure is the one in the center, dressed like a priest celebrating a religious act.

– The group on the left are two knights with tunic; between both there is the Lamb of God and under it a snake biting the leg of an armed knight. The snake (representing the sin) seems to indicate a penance while the Lamb of God (forgiving the sin) represents the subsequent consecration.

– In the intrados of the arch there are sculpted two circles: the one of the top has a floral motif in its interior and the one under, the thistle flower that represents the heraldic mark of the Cardona dinasty.

Beyond the portico there is a cemetery.

The church has pre-Romanesque precedents and the first quote is documented from the 1040, when it belonged to the monastery of Tavèrnoles. Nevertheless, the portico and the vault are from the 13th century while the side chapels are dated from the 18th century.

This was a parish suffragan of La Pedra and later of Sant Llorenç de Morunys.


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How to get there?

From Sant Llorenç we take the road LV-4241 direction Berga; we continue by this road until an intersection to the left to an asphalted and well signposted secondary road in the km 28,4. We follow this secondary road and in 1,8 km we will arrive at the hermitage.



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