Sant Pere de Graudescales

Sant Pere de Graudescales is a Romanesque church located in the municipality of Navès and declared Bé Cultural d’Interès Nacional (cultural asset of national interest). In the past it was a small Benedictine monastery of the 10th century from which nowadays there are only some vestiges.

The current church is dated from the 12th century and it’s considered from a Lombard Romanesque style typical of the 11th century. Its structure is of only one nave with plant of latin cross, a barrel vault with semicircular archs and with a transept that has three semicircular apses. The apses have a decoration with lesenes.

This church mantained the cult until the 19th century, when it was abandonned in ruins. The current building is the result of some restorations of the 20th century.


How to get there?

From the village of Sant Llorenç de Morunys we should take the road LV-4241 towards to Berga. Remain on this road around 16 km and turn right where there are the signpost to Sant Pere de Graudescales. Park the car in this point and follow this path. On the intersection of Molí del Bancell, we should turn left and follow this way until we arrive at Sant Pere de Graudescales church.

*You can go to this point only by tall car or 4×4.



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