Serra de Busa i el Capolatell

The mountain range of Busa is one of the main places to visit in La Vall de Lord. Its curious relief converts this point to one of the most singular places around the valley, offering a spectacular panoramic views.

Historically, during the Peninsular War (1808-1814), this mountain housed more than a thousand of soldiers which were distributed along the plain. Nowadays, it still exists a farmhouse known as “Ca l’Artiller” (artillery home). Additionally, this point was the first place where the constitution of 1812 was proclaimed, after Cádiz.

The main places in Busa mountain range:

El Capolatell: also known as a Busa’s prison, because, during the Peninsular War, this point was used as a natural prison.

El Cògul: it is the highest point of Busa mountain range (1526 m.)


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How to get there?

From the village of Sant Llorenç de Morunys we should take the road C-462 towards Solsona by La Llosa del Cavall reservoir. Continue onto this road for around 20 km until you reach a roundabout near Solsona. Remain onto the road C-462 direction Berga-Manresa. In the intersection, turn left and take the road C-26 direction to Berga. In a few kilometers, turn left towards Busa and Besora (signposted). Continue by this road until arriving at the parking of el Pla de Busa. From this point, you must walk 30 minutes if you want to arrive at Capolatell.

*You can’t arrive at this point by motorhome.



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