Guixers village is made up from many country houses among the area. All of them form the different rural areas of Guixers: Vilamantells, Valls, La Corriu, Sisquer, Castelltort and Montcalb. The area of this village have many Romanesque hermitages, Pre-Pyrenean mountain ranges and an extensive area of La Llosa del Cavall reservoir.

In this area we can found many gypsum reservoirs. This mineral has been used since the XV century to build some parts of houses, especially to adorn the roofs with graphical and heraldic symbols done with it. About this use, nowadays we can still found some old gypsum oven into the forest.

Part of Guixers village is composed by large and beautiful forests. Into it, visitors can found many Romanesque hermitages among the area such as Sant Martí de La Corriu, el Santuari de Puig-Aguilar, Sisquer or Sant Serni del Grau.

Another interesting points to visit in Guixers is the Codó’s viewpoint, placed at 1.530 meters. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of La Vall de Lord from it.  The second one is Pont Quebradís, a natural bridge shaped by the Valls river.

More information:  Town hall of Guixers



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