7. Route from Cases de Posada to Busa by el Grau de l’Areny

Distance: 11,6 km
Dificulty: Exigent


Difficulty: hard

 Complicated terrain
Pronounced slopes

This is a route to enjoy the nature and to deepen into the history and the culture of la Vall de Lord. This is a circular route which passes through the trails and pathways surrounded by forests composed of scots pine and little crops fields. The Busa’s mountain range forms a wide high plateau, called el pla de Busa. This grassland is like a natural island placed over the crags of the Busa’s mountain range and offers magnificent panoramic views of la Vall de Lord and the La Llosa del Cavall’s reservoir. In the north-western end of the plateau, we must emphasise the point known as el Capolatell, also called as Busa’s prison because of its use with this purpose during the Peninsular War (1808-14). You can access to the prison by a metal footbridge.


More information about the route

Type: circular route

Time: 3h 40 min

Cumulative elevation gain: 696 m


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Oficina de turisme de la Vall de Lord
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